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Currently, Tsinghua University mainly offers three kinds of scholarships to the international students: Chinese Government Scholarship, Tuition Scholarships, and Confucius Institute Scholarship.

Chinese Government Scholarship
The Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) is set up by the Chinese government to sponsor international students, teachers and scholars to study and conduct research in Chinese universities. It is aimed to promote the mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges in various fields between China and other countries. Tsinghua University is one of the designated universities to undertake the CGS Program.
The CGS is open to both the degree program students (undergraduate and graduate) and the visiting/exchange students. The full CGS covers tuition fees, on-campus accommodation, living allowance and comprehensive medical insurance. The partial CGS covers one or few items in the full CGS. Specific items covered by the partial CGS are in accordance with the regulations of the CGS program concerned and the Letter of Admission.
Inquiries: Graduate Scholarship and Grants Management Office
Visiting/Exchange Students
Academic Affairs Office
Email: (student exchange program) (general visiting program)
Tuition Scholarships
Tuition Scholarships cover full or partial tuition fee with a duration of one academic year and could be applied year by year (competitive). Tuition Scholarships mainly refer to the following scholarship programs:

  • Beijing Government Scholarship (for undergraduates and master’s students)
    The Beijing Government Scholarship is established by Beijing Municipal Government to attract and support excellent International students to study in Beijing. It is used to cover the tuition fees fully or partially and needs to be applied year by year. At Tsinghua University, the Beijing Government Scholarship is open only to the undergraduates and Master’s students.


  • Tsinghua University Scholarship (for doctoral students)
    The Tsinghua University Scholarship is established by Tsinghua University to encourage and support excellent International students to study at Tsinghua University. The Scholarship is used to cover tuition fees fully or partially and needs to be applied year by year. Since 2011, the Scholarship is open only to the doctoral students.

Confucius Institute Scholarship
The Confucius Institute Scholarship is established by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) to encourage and support International students to study Chinese language and culture in China. Tsinghua University is authorized by Hanban to enrol the Confucius Institute Scholarship students who will be studying Chinese language in China for one semester or one year. The Scholarship application should be recommended by the Confucius Institute or the Education Section of Chinese Embassies in the applicant’s home country.

Kind Reminder for Incoming Graduate Students
For eligibility and application procedure of Tuition Scholarships, please refer to the Scholarships for Incoming Full-time International Graduate Students at Tsinghua University at

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