In addition to revealing your knowledge of the company, the questions below give you an opportunity to figure out if the employer and the company culture is a good fit for you. Think carefully about what matters to you, what would allow you to do your best work, and try to ask questions that will give you insight into those factors.

This is not typically the best time to ask about salary and benefits. This is your opportunity to learn about the workplace and the position—the environment, how it’s structured, employee support programs.

15 Good Questions To Ask the Interviewer

  1. What are the primary tasks or responsibilities for a person in this position? What does a day in this job look like? Is travel required? Overtime?
  2. What is the orientation or training process?
  3. What are the goals/priorities for a person in this position? How will success be measured?
  4. What are the company’s assessment and review processes?
  5. Does the company support professional development activities?
  6. How does this position fit within the team/department? What is the reporting structure?
  7. Does this position function alone or within a team setting?
  8. How would you describe the company culture or team dynamic?
  9. What is this company’s approach to management?
  10. What are the company’s overall goals and priorities and how do those affect someone in this department/position?
  11. How does the company define diversity, inclusion, and equity? Provide an example of how diversity, inclusion, and equity benefit [Company].
  12. What are the racial, ethnic, and gender demographics of [Company’s] company-wide, leadership, and manager levels?
  13. As a national and/or multinational company, describe your cultural competency training program for employees who will take assignments in [specific countries or continents where the company does business].
  14. Describe the role and responsibilities of women and persons of colour on [Company’s] leadership team.
  15. Give me an example of how [Company] values people of colour, female, LGBTQ, veteran and employees with disabilities.

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