Top 10 Autosurf Sites That Pay in 2021

Last updated on March 24, 2021

If you are looking for a way to earn passive income, or you are familiar with autosurf, this short article is about autosurf sites that pay. Autosurf programs are internet money making programs that are designed in such a way that, web owners through advertising pay you to view their websites with the hope that you would find something interesting on the website which will create engagement.

Engagement leads to traffic for advertisers and most importantly profit if you buy a product from the advertiser’s website. It is a win-win. However, there is no guarantee that autosurfers will engage 2% of all the website they encounter while autosurfing.

In 2021, there are still autosurf sites that pay while there are also fake ones that are there to syphon money. The real autosurf sites that pay, how do they work? It is simple. Autosurf sites get paid by genuine advertisers for traffic and share some of their revenue with you. Every 60 seconds (time varies) Autosurf sites direct you to another website and pays you.

Note: You may have to invest neither time, nor money to get started.


These are the autosurf sites that pay in 2021 Join today and start earning money every minute by doing nothing except keeping windows open. Free account 0%
Premium $7.95
Ultimate $19.95 Lightweight Exchanger
Geo-targeting & Scalability
Support Fanatics Autosurf site capable of generating unlimited points Earn 25% Commission. Add your site to receive traffic It’s an autosurf site that pays. Earn while autosurfing and reading emails. The minimum amount paid out is 2 Euros. Hitleap has 10% Hits commissions. 25% Cash commissions. Has an affiliate program. Make money referring new people. Minimum payout $2 Earn a commission of 10% for referrals. Earn with referrals or affiliate program. Create backlinks for your website. Using tokens you can get social media likes and shares


If you know a genuine autosurf site that pays and not listed on the table above, kindly let me know via the comment section. I will gladly include your referral link also.

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