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Are you a salary earner either from the public or private sector? Are reading this because you are tired of being of working like a slave? You want a promotion or a change of job or job role! The truth is, you may never stop working like a slave until you pray your way out.

When you find yourself working as a slave, the best thing you can do is to pray. Below are powerful prayers. Remember, always give praise to God first. Come to God through praise and thanksgiving before praying these prayer points.


Prayer Points, when work become slavery

Gen. 29:20,23,25 – Oh Lord, as long as I am not employed as a slave in my place of work, whoever deprives me of my due shall be removed from his/her position in Jesus’ name.

Gen. 30:31-43 – Oh Lord, teach me how to retrieve all my due in my place of work so that others will not share what belongs to me in Jesus’s name.

Exo. 1:11 – All merciless taskmasters in my place of work shall lose their position today in Jesus’s name.

Exo. 1:12 – No matter how severe the condition of my work presently, I will multiply and grow and people will fear me in Jesus’s name.

Exo. 5:6-9 – All those who pattern my work after the slave masters of Egypt in my place of work, I decree that the God of Israel will replace you with merciful masters in Jesus’s name.

Job 42:2 – Oh Lord, I know that you can do everything. Deliver me from slavery in my workplace in Jesus’s name. Prayer, when Work become Slavery

Psalm 22:1 – Oh Lord, don’t let my hope of divine intervention fades on this matter. Have mercy on me before my enemies see the signs of my frustration in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 34:22 – Oh Lord, I claim mercy for my work today in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 61:1-8 – Oh Lord, remember me in this hole of hardship because I want to give testimony in your house in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 89:24 – Oh Lord, let your mercy be with me so that my horn can be exalted in Jesus’s name.

Isa. 9:4 – Oh Lord, break all slavery in my work as you broke the yoke of burden and the rod of the oppressor in the day of Midian in Jesus’s name.

Isa. 10:27 – Oh Lord, anoint me today and destroy the yoke of over-labor in my work in Jesus’s name.

Isa. 58:6 – Oh Lord, declare the chosen fast in my place of work today and eradicate all bonds of wickedness, heavy burden and oppression because of me in Jesus name.

Jer. 28:2 – Oh Lord, every yoke like the yoke of the king of Babylon in my place of work are broken in Jesus’s name.

Jer. 28:10 – Oh Lord, appoint someone new today that will break whatever resembles slavery in my place of work in Jesus’s name.

Jer. 30:8 – I prophesied today that I receive freedom from all forms of slavery in Jesus’s name.

Matt. 11:30 – Because I have the yoke of Jesus Christ on my neck, I reject every yoke of any kind in Jesus’s name.

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