You are reading this because you are tired of being in one place for a long time. You want a promotion! The truth is, some work promotion will not come until you pray your way out. A promotion often refers to an employed individual gaining a higher job title and salary in return for increased responsibilities.

When you are promoted in your workplace advancement, it is a confirmation that you are doing a good job and are ready to take the next step in your career. Being promoted at work comes with an abundance of benefits; particularly if the offer falls in line with how you want your career to develop.

When you find yourself doing a good job with no promotion (working like a slave), or you’re due for promotion but you are not getting it, the best thing you can do is to pray. Below are powerful prayers for a work promotion. Remember, always give praise to God first. Come to God through praise and thanksgiving before praying these prayer points.


Prayer Points for Work Promotion

Jos. 4:14 – Oh Lord, promote me in the eyes of all those who know me and let my life glorify the God of Israel in Jesus’s name.

2 Sam. 23:2 – The spirit of the Lord had a voice through me, his word was on my tongue that my promotion starts this month in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 27:8,9 – Oh God of mercy, I seek your face today. Let your face be known to me in Jesus’s name so that I will praise your name among the gentiles.

Psalm 89:24 – Oh Lord, let your mercy be with me so that my horn can be exalted in Jesus’s name.
Psalm 148:14 – Oh Lord, exalt my horn in my place of work because I am near to you in Jesus’s name.

Prov. 4:7,8 – Oh Lord, give me wisdom in my work that will promote and honour me in Jesus’s name.

Oh God, make me what you have intended for me in life in the name of Jesus.

Job 36:7 – Oh Lord, do not withdraw your eyes from me, give me a better place in my work in Jesus’s name.

Oh God by fire by force connect me to my benefactor now in the name of Jesus.

I command every secrets sin that is still hindering my promotion, die in the name of Jesus.

Luke 1:52 – Oh Lord, as I live a humble life in my place of work, exalt me so that my story will bring more people to you in Jesus’s name.

Acts 13:17 – Oh Lord, you that exalt the Israelites in a strange land, exalt me also in my work so that I will be a reference point for others in Jesus’s name.

Rom. 9:15 – Oh Lord, count me among those whom you will have mercy upon in Jesus’s name.

Every agent of shame and reproach, it is written that NO ONE BELIEVES JESUS CHRIST will be put to shame or disgrace therefore I paralyze every agent of shame, disgrace and reproach in the name of Jesus

Every satanic chain binding my hands, feet, neck, waist, dragging and pulling me backwards by the power in the blood of Jesus I break you off in the name of Jesus.

It’s written the path of the just shall shine with ever-increasing brightness; therefore I jump out of every circle of defeat and failure by the anointing of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’s mighty name.

Invisible demonic powers occupying my seat of favour, greatness and prosperity I unseat you by the fire of God, in Jesus’s name.

Every invitation to failure, backwardness, poverty in the spirit through dreams I reject them and I declare that goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life in Jesus’s name.

By fire by force, I possess my long overdue promotion now, in the name of Jesus

Oh God, turn my blessing around and increase me on every side in the name of Jesus.

1 Kings 9:23 – Oh Lord, I am born to rule over people. Increase the number of people I rule over today in Jesus’s name.

Esther 4:14 – Oh Lord, let relief and deliverance come to me from other places if those who are to help me refuse in Jesus’s name.

Oh, God! Never allow me to be forgotten and my position turns to evil history, in the name of Jesus.

Oh, God! Never allow me to be forgotten and my position turns to evil history in the name of Jesus.

Rags of poverty, by fire by force, I pray you out of my destiny in the name of Jesus.

Psalm 33:22 – Oh Lord, let the example of your mercy be upon my life in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 75:6,7 – Oh Lord, I seek promotion from you today because it is only you that promotes. Manipulate all things to my advantage in my place of work in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 75:10 – Oh Lord, as I am faithful to you in my work, exalt my horn in Jesus’s name.

Holy Spirit, Make me a factor of signs and wonders in the name of Jesus.

Every wicked spirit playing around and toying with promotions, destiny and success of my friends, I bind and cast you out of mine / their life in the name of Jesus

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