In this article, I will list some well known extracurricular activities examples that you can use on your resume or choose to be a part of at the college or university. Not everything can be taught at school. Learning goes way beyond teaching students within the confinement of the classroom.

Along with academic activities, schools usually offer extracurricular and nonacademic activities, which typically involve students of the same age and maybe organized and supervised by the school or affiliated personnel.

These extracurricular activities examples mentioned here can help students gain some handy life skills. Examples of these activities include the school yearbook and newspaper, school sports and recreational activities, school clubs and special interest groups, field trips, and after-school programs

The extracurricular activities examples mentioned on this page have benefits beyond the enjoyment they provide. These activities assist students in developing personally, socially, and intellectually. They might even help students to advance their academics and or showcase their ability to succeed in their chosen major.

Moreover, Including extracurricular activities examples listed on this page in a resume is very important as it tends to play a significant role by demonstrating to the employer that an applicant is a well-rounded person. It shows the hiring manager that they will make a competent employee. One of the most popular Extracurricular activities in the world is the Student Government.

Students elected by their peers to their school government serve as a bridge between the student body and
the school’s administration. These students communicate with both groups to facilitate cooperation and understanding. They also might lead projects, such as organizing and conducting fundraisers for homecoming and other annual events.

Though this extracurricular activity is often a lot of work, it provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills. Positions available vary by school but often include Career and technical student organizations that offer activities that are not a formal part of the curriculum but are integrated with it.

Top Extracurricular Activities Examples in The World

  • Business club
  • Charity Club
  • Chess Club
  • Cuisine Club
  • HandCraft Club
  • Basketball
  • Boy Scouts
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Cancer Foundation
  • Cheerleading
  • Choreography
  • Comedy Club
  • Concert Band
  • Dance Club
  • Debate Club
  • Drama Club
  • Fashion Design
  • Football
  • Girl Scouts
  • Golf
  • Graphic Design
  • Hockey
  • International Food Club
  • Jazz Band
  • Jewellery Making
  • Literary Magazine Club
  • Marching Band
  • Martial Arts
  • Math Club
  • National Spelling Bee
  • Photography
  • Poetry Club
  • Red Cross Club
  • School Or Local Magazine/Journal
  • School Or Local Newspaper
  • School Or Local Radio Station
  • Science Club
  • Sculpture
  • Sewing
  • Singing Lessons
  • Skiing
  • Soccer
    Student Government
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Unicef High School Clubs
  • Volunteer Fire Department
  • Weaving
  • Woodworking
  • Young Farmers’ Club

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