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Sometimes we run out of words to really express our appreciation and how we feel. For this reason, I have listed 28 heartwarming Thank you messages for teachers. Sending an appreciation message to a teacher is one of the nicest things to do. Teachers do so much more than teach; they are a second parent and great inventors. Teachers are constantly inventing ingenious ways to make complex problems easy and dull subjects exciting.

Thank you message for a teacher are essential because it lets the teacher know that what they did for you is greatly acknowledged and you are pleased to have their help. The thank you message may be short or long and may be sent via note or SMS. What matters most is that you show appreciation which will definitely put a smile on the teacher’s face.

These are the 28 Thank you messages for teacher

  • A teacher as good as you are is deserving of more than just a thank you message, you deserve a gold medal! Thank you for being such an inspiration.


  • Dear teacher, you may not have realized it, but you were an inspiration to me throughout this school year. Your passion for practical teaching really rubbed off on me, and other students too! Thanks so much.


  • Dear teacher, you’ve not only helped me achieve good grades, but you’ve helped me achieve my dreams as well. Thank you so much for your guidance this year.


  • Every time I reach one of my goals, I will think of you and all you taught me with a heart full of gratitude. Thank you so much teacher.


  • Few teachers leave an impact as much as you have on me – you have helped shape me into the person I am today. I am so thrilled to have been taught by you!


  • I am so glad that I will have the memories we have created together in the classroom for the rest of my life. I wish we could repeat the year just so we could make more. Thank you for being the best teacher this year


  • I became a better student because you genuinely cared for me and I didn’t want to let you down. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  • I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thanks so much for a great first week. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year together!


  • I know this thank you message isn’t enough to show the full extent of my gratitude to you, but just know you will remain in my heart forever. Thank you for teaching me so much.


  • I really appreciate your concern and I absolutely appreciate your patients with me.


  • I want to tell you how special you are to me. I am so blessed to have been placed under your valuable instruction. Your guidance and inspiration have opened the doors to my future and I am so thankful for you.


  • I’m sad to be leaving your class because I know I will never have another teacher quite like you. Thank you for an amazing learning experience!


  • Just a happy thank you message to you today: you were born to be a teacher! Your patience is endless and your passion is so evident. Thanks a million!


  • Just to let you know that I’ve changed in so many wonderful ways under your instruction. No other teacher has ever invested so much time in me, and I am truly grateful. Thank you!


  • Never have I met a teacher who cares so deeply about their students, and I am so grateful to be one of your students.


  • Not everybody loves school, but you have made coming to school such a pleasure. I am so thankful to be taught by the best teacher. Thank you.


  • Right now I am doing exactly what you have always taught me to do when someone does something nice for you – say thank you. Thank you for making me what I am. Thank you, my teacher


  • Thanks for not making us learn the way you wanted to teach, but teaching us the way we wanted to learn.


  • The best things you have taught me were not in the curriculum, but in the example you set. Your confidence, determination and excellence are all qualities that I someday hope to have.


  • The loving ways of teachers like you are the difference between teaching and educating. Thanks for teaching us, educating us and empowering us.


  • We came to you with young, inexperienced, and ignorant minds. Thanks to your patience, care, and understanding – we will leave you as better people who will one day make the world a better place. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for us.


  • We learned so much in your class and we are eternally grateful for your guidance and concern for our futures. Thank you for being such a great teacher!


  • You are an example to other teachers with your undying patience, kindness, and hope for every single one of us. Thank you for all you do!


  • You are such a wonderful teacher who has shown me that learning can actually be and fun. Being part of this school year with you is something that I’ll never take forget and I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you.


  • You did not lead us by holding our hands, rather, you asked us to walk ahead while you caringly observed from behind. Thank you, teacher.


  • You have been so generous. Thank you so very much, and I hope this note reminds you just how much you are appreciated.


  • You have gone above and beyond this year to support me. Thank you for getting me over the hurdles, having faith in my abilities, and having the skills to get me where I needed to go.


  • Your inspiring lessons gave my life direction and I’ll always remember you with the deepest respect and affection for your efforts in making each lesson enjoyable and educational. Thank you for being the best teacher a student could ever hope for.

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