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It has been said that education is one of the best gifts that a person can get. And the gift of knowledge is facilitated by hardworking, very loving and underappreciated teachers. And the harder the subject taught the more effort a hardworking teacher exerts. It is about time to return the favour to one of the hardest working people in the history of the world; your teacher.

Any gift is sweet but it is much sweeter to make a special token that you have created for your mentor. It is also extra special to make a gift that is in theme with your teacher’s job. They will surely appreciate it if you make what is mundane to be very special and very memorable. Here are some tips on how to make a gift for your science teacher.

  • There’s a science to this gift. Your teacher’s gift is not just done on the fly.  Since you are not spending money, you should prepare and be ready to whip out the best gift a teacher can get. To do this, you will need some materials. Have ready at your disposal plaster of Paris, markers, glue sticks, scissors, construction paper, markers, notebook paper sheets, pens, pencils, poster boards, cameras, films, rulers and other art stuff. With a little preparation, you can soon begin your gift to your teacher.
  • Make the grade. Any gift will be just fine. But the best gifts are well thought out. So after acquiring the needed materials decide what kind of gift you would like to make for your teacher. Your choices range from mind teasers, experiments, puzzles and other mind-boggling games. Thinking of a concept will also help you trim down the things that you need.
  • The gift of trial and error. One gift you can give your teacher is a fun book that your teacher can share with her class. Research the Internet for at least 10 and up to 20 easy and fun books related to his subject specialization. Compile the best ones and prepare a booklet. This gift will entail a certain level of artwork. So if you have the natural inclination for arts, this is an easy choice for you.
  • Make a lasting gift. For a gift that will make an impression on your teacher, you can create a subject bulletin board for him/her. A bulletin board never runs out of use. So this will certainly make an impression as she continues to use it over and over again. To the bulletin board, use a corkboard as the main part. Then pin or tape the designs to liven up the board. The plaster of Paris can be used here to create figurines like spacemen, aliens, or even a rocket ship. You can put these figures on the board to make it more interesting. Another way to jazz up your bulletin board is by taking photos of objects.
  • It’s game time! Your teacher will also appreciate it if you give her puzzle games related to the lessons she is teaching. It is a way of showing your teacher what you have learned. Games like crossword puzzles, matching the picture, or word search should do the trick.

There is no deeper science in showing your appreciation. A simple gift will show your teacher how much you value the lessons you have earned.

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