12 Worst Course to Study in Nigeria

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I have written about the best courses that attract employment opportunities and now, I deem it fit to share with you the 10 worst courses to study in Nigeria in this present dispensation. For every course, there will also be someone with great interest to study them. We are in a generation where we have many universities, many students, many graduates but with very few employment opportunities.

After much consideration, I felt it would be nice to list out those worst courses in Nigeria with a high unemployment rate. These worst courses may be useful outside Nigeria but not within Nigeria. So if your plans are to seek for jobs with your education, then I advise you not to study any of the listed courses below.

It took days to come up with the list and please, these list of worst courses in Nigeria is not published to influence your decision on which course to study – moreover, these days, you can get to work anywhere if you have the necessary connections. Organisation now provides in house training to new employees.

These are the list of worst courses in Nigeria 

  • Library Science: Most often, 97% of those studying Library Science did not apply for it. They are often imposed on them by the school due to the required qualifications. Library Science is a good course but in Nigeria, it is one of the worst course to study. The job availability is very low and employment is often based on who knows who. The closest course to Library Science is Library and Information Science. The latter is far better than Library Science


  • Horticulture: I can’t imagine someone spending four years in the university to study this course. Except you want to become landscaping expertise, I see the reasons for studying this course in Nigeria. Our environment does accommodate such course. Thus, Horticulture is one of the worst course in Nigeria. In case you are wondering what this course is all about, Horticulture is the agronomic science that deals with the study of growing trees, vegetables, flowers, and landscape architecture.


  • Elementary Education: Only those who have a passion for nursery and primary school student should venture into this course. But why would you when you can study more advanced course and still have the opportunity to teach nursery and primary school student as well at secondary school student.


  • Classical Studies: This course is a no go area at all for any serious student. No matter your love for art, literature, history, culture etc… Nigerian society has no place for Classical Studies. Everyone is looking for money and survival.

Other worst courses are listed below. I’m really tired of writing about these courses. There are still many more courses that are worst but these ones are just unfortunate to be singled out while writing. Unfortunately, most of these courses are found under Art/Humanities courses

  • Arabic and Islamic Studies:
  • Religious Studies:
  • Islamic/Sharia Law
  • History
  • Theology
  • Philosophy
  • Archaeology
  • Anthropology
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