With over 8 billion people on earth, there are so many things we dislike (individually or collectively). Dislike and phobia are two different things. The latter is an excessive and irrational fear reaction to a certain place, situation, or object, while dislike is an attitude or a feeling of distaste or aversion. What I dislike may be phobic to someone else and vice-versa.

Be that as it may, on this page, I have listed out the most common things people dislike irrespective of their location. Please understand that it will be practically impossible to have an exhaustive list of those common things people dislike. What I can however tell you is that you will agree with me on all dislikable things listed on this page.


List of Common Things People Dislike:

  1. Farting in public
  2. Spam calls
  3. Coughing and Sneezing in public without covering the nose and mouth
  4. Bad roads
  5. Low cell phone battery
  6. Getting Sick
  7. Leaking roof
  8. Unreply messages
  9. Purging
  10. Running out of water in the bathroom
  11. Traffic congestion
  12. Slow webpage loading
  13. Corrupt Politicians
  14. Mosquitoes
  15. Being sleepy, getting into bed, then being awake
  16. Bedbugs
  17. Forceful Ads
  18. Misplaced house keys
  19. Honking in traffic
  20. Poor Internet Speed
  21. Network unavailable to make urgent calls
  22. Doorway effect
  23. No internet connection
  24. Stiff Neck After Sleeping
  25. Disgusting odors
  26. Loud phone conversations in public places
  27. Hunger
  28. Eavesdropping
  29. Unpleasant body odor.
  30. Dishonesty
  31. Lying
  32. Waiting in the bank
  33. Cash dispense error
  34. Salty Food
  35. Early morning class
  36. Police brutality
  37. Flood
  38. Bad phone charger
  39. Not flush after using public toilets
  40. Middle lane drivers
  41. Rude customers or clients at work
  42. Clickbait articles
  43. People who refuse correction
  44. Debitor collector calling
  45. Domestic accident
  46. Being duped
  47. Heartbreak
  48. Body odor
  49. No video sound
  50. Smelly armpit
  51. Heatwave

Do you know common things people dislike that were not mentioned on this list? add yours via the comment.

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