The List of Best Agricultural Courses in Universities for Serious Students

One of the major faculties in the university is the Faculty of Agriculture. There are over 120 courses within this faculty of which 70% are of no use or less important in this present generation. Agriculture is life, it is everywhere, and studying a course under Agriculture will put you at the forefront of employability and entrepreneurship.

Meaning, if you don’t get employed, you will automatically become an employer of labour. Below is the list of best Agricultural courses in Nigeria universities a serious science or commercial student should consider. It took much effort and research to come up with this list.

After this list was submitted to me (fatherprada), I went through it thoroughly and omitted *Agriculture course* itself because of its broadness and lack of focus on a particular subject. Any student who ventures to study Agriculture course in Nigeria Universities or College/Polytechnic must forge ahead to Master programme on a specific subject within Agriculture.

Below are my top 16 best Agricultural Courses 

  • Agricultural Business


  • Agricultural – Extension and Rural Sociology


  • Nutrition and Dietetics


  • Forestry and Wood Technology


  • Food Science and Business


  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology


  • Family, Nutrition and Consumer Science


  • Environmental Management and Toxicology


  • Animal Production and Health Services


  • Livestock Production Technology


  • Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology


  • Crop, Soil and Pest Management


  • Production and Landscape Management


  • Agricultural Economics and Farm Management


  • Animal Nutrition


  • Animal Breeding and Genetics


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