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I know you are reading this because of the title which reads; Free Universities in Nigeria. Of course, many people like you seek the same thing. I wrote this short post for those who want to study but are constrained due to finance.
You see, schooling goes beyond just the school fees. There are a lot of other payment involved which many students (those who are already schooling) are unaware of and at the long run, they leave because they couldn’t cope the financial obligations.

Let no man deceive you, there is no such thing as Free University in Nigeria. It can never happen. Even the Free University of Nigeria that was popular sometime around 2014 had to close up because NUC did not recognise it and lack of sponsorship.

There is no such thing as cheap universities in Nigeria also. Schooling comes with a price and not everyone can avoid it. This is a simple truth; No such thing as Free Universities in Nigeria.

Knowing fully well that students find it hard to pay school fees and settle other areas of their academic life that need financing, some schools give out Grant, Scholarships, Bursary etc. While those who are schooling enjoy Grant and

Bursary, those who are still seeking admission but are also looking for a way to study for free can make good use of scholarships.

In a while, I’ll explain how things work but all I have said so far is the bitter truth. No free Universities in Nigeria. Of course, there are other countries in the world where you can study for free even as a foreign student (German, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Finland etc) but not Nigeria.

A bursary is a monetary gift given to you by the university where you study after meeting up with a certain requirement. You must be a registered student from the university to receive a bursary. Most Bursaries do not have strings attached and some bursary may be used for other things aside from education.

Grants are also a monetary gift but are need-based and are available to students based on criteria such as family income. Federal and state governments are the primary sources of grants, Grants unlike Loan, do not need to be repaid as long as the student maintains eligibility.

The scholarship is a deliberate act by a donor to provide you with financial aid based on your academic performance or merit for the purpose of schooling. Scholarships are monetary gifts given to you for continuous education. Anyone can offer you a scholarship. Government, Private, State, Individual, Community etc.. Unlike Grant and Bursary, a scholarship can be given to those seeking admission.

The best way to study for free in Nigeria is to look for full scholarships. Aside from Full Scholarship, there is no other way to study for free in Nigeria Universities. None that I know of. It is very easy to look for such scholarships online. I mean fully paid scholarship. Sometimes, this full scholarship may also cover feeding allowance, transport, library use, accommodation, textbooks, medical expenses and also school fees. In essence, you study without paying a dime.

How do you get such a scholarship easily? The truth remains that you can get this scholarship easily online but the application process is usually tedious and very competitive. By this, I meant thousands of students may also be applying for the same scholarship.

To get this scholarship easily, all you need to do is to create a google alert. You can learn more about how to create a Google alert for the information you need. So instead of searching the internet, Google will give you update instantly when there is a piece of information regarding the alert you created.

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