Hello!. I know you are here to know if biology is a compulsory subject in WAEC. Students who are about to write O level examinations such as WAEC, NECO and GCE are asking the same question. So you are not alone.

Now listen, Biology Is Not Compulsory. English Language, Mathematics, Civic Education and a Trade Subject are the only compulsory subjects in WAEC. You can choose any other required subjects. That these subjects are compulsory in WAEC does not mean they are compulsory for every course.

Confused? In Higher Institutions, the English Language is the only compulsory subject for all courses. Subjects like Mathematics, Civic Education, Biology, Economics and the likes are only compulsory if required by the course you want to study.

For example:

  • Someone who wants to study Mass Communication is not required to write Accounting.
  • Someone who wants to study Law is not required to write Biology

In summary:
For those who are about to write WAEC, NECO or GCE, Biology is not a compulsory subject. Even for a Science student, you are not expected to register Biology subject in your WAEC except you want to study a course that requires Biology among its subject combinations. But how do I know the right subject combination for my course?

Goto Fatherprada homepage and type the name of your preferred course on the search box.

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