On this article, I am going to list Medical Rehabilitation courses you will study while preparing you to be a Medical Rehabilitation graduate. Normally, a course outline should contain; course name, course description, course hours etc… but I am going to skip that information.
I will only list out the course names excluding GST Courses and those courses with part II and III to avoid too much information and there is no guarantee that the listed subjects (courses) here will be fully covered in your school except for Nigeria Universities.

Nevertheless, you will study 97% of Medical Rehabilitation courses listed here.

The following are the list of Medical Rehabilitation Courses

  1. Advanced Chemical Pathology Techniques
  2. Anatomy I (Histology)
  3. Animal Forms & Functions
  4. Basic Bacteriology/Mycology
  5. Basic Blood Group Serology
  6. Basic Chemical Pathology
  7. Basic Experimental Physics
  8. Basic Haematology
  9. Basic Histopathology
  10. Basic Immunology
  11. Basic Microbiology
  12. Basic Virology
  13. Biomedical Engineering
  14. Biostatistics
  15. Chemical Pathology
  16. Clinical Enzymology
  17. Counselling Skill
  18. Elementary Mathematics (Algebra and Trigonometry)
  19. Elements of Calculus
  20. Elements of Statistics
  21. Endocrinology
  22. General Pathology
  23. General Pharmacology including Practical
  24. Haematology
  25. Histochemistry
  26. Histopathology
  27. History and Philosophy of Science
  28. Immunology
  29. Information and Communication Technology
  30. Inorganic Chemistry
  31. Instrumentation in Medical Rehabilitation (parasitism)
  32. Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism
  33. Introduction to Entrepreneurial Skill
  34. Introduction to Genetics and Heredity
  35. Introduction to Heat, Wave, Motion and Matter
  36. Introduction to Mechanics and Properties of Matter
  37. Introduction to Medical Rehabilitation (parasitism)
  38. Introduction to Optics and Modern Physics
  39. Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship
  40. Laboratory Management and Organization
  41. Laboratory Posting/Practical
  42. Logic and Critical Thinking
  43. Medical Rehabilitation Ethics
  44. Medical Microbiology
  45. Medical Parasitology/Entomology
  46. Medical Research Methodology
  47. Medical Virology
  48. Metabolism of Biomolecules of Special Topics
  49. Organic Chemistry
  50. Philosophy and Human Existence
  51. Physiology of Essential Organs
  52. Physiology Practical
  53. Plant Forms and Functions
  54. Principles and Chemistry of Biomolecules
  55. Systemic Pharmacology
  56. Toxicology

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