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On this post, I will show you how to search Facebook without account. There are 1.49 billion daily active Facebook users and 500,000 new users are added every day with 6 new profiles every second. In fact, 27% of the world’s online population worldwide use Facebook.
According to research, the use of portal sites and direct entry (to Websites) appear to have declined as a means to search for content. Today, many online users use Facebook to search for people, posts, pages, videos, commerce and events.
Half of the internet users who do not use Facebook or have Facebook account live with someone who does and often look at posts or photos on that person’s account.
But how possible is it to search Facebook with account? Well, it’s quite possible but comes with limitations which should not be a bother. The limitation I’m referring to also affect those with Facebook account. Anyone who makes their profile private cannot be seen on Facebook search except you are their Facebook friends.

How can you search Facebook without account?

You can search Facebook without an account by using a friend’s account and you can search Facebook without account by visiting Studentdelight. On this website, you have the liberty to search any content on Facebook without been tracked. For those who have a Facebook account, all their search history is visible on Activities Log.
It is advisable you clear this search history if you are a private person. Studentdelight does not track or have a database where your search history is kept and this is why it is very safe to use. With Studentdelight, you can search for posts, videos, pages, profiles and many more.
search facebook without account

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