Create A New Gmail Account in 1 Minutes


How to Register a New Gmail Account in 1 Minute with Notification


On this post, I will show you how to open Gmail account very fast and within 1 minute if you have a good internet connection. The best way to open a Gmail account is through your mobile phone. Using desktop is not bad, but if you really want to avoid too many questions during Gmail account registration, then, you should use your internet-enabled mobile smartphone.

The email has become a part of our everyday life. In this present generation, email is used to communicate to and fro business and customers. The email has become a necessity because there are online services you may not be able to access without a valid email address. For example, students writing JAMB UTME are required to have a valid email account to register for JAMB UTME, updates their profile and check admission status on JAMB CAPS.


Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers with is a zero maintenance, low cost, and email data storage “in the cloud which allows you to send and receive paperless messages over the internet. You can send an email to one or more persons with one click. With Gmail, your email is accessible from anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection.

Unfortunately, this guide is only meant for those using an Android phone… Like I mentioned earlier, you can register a new Gmail account quickly using your phone. This steps here are very straight forward and you can use the screenshot as a guide.


How to open Gmail Account

Step 1: Goto to Settings on your phone


Step 2: Locate and click Accounts on the list of available Settings options

Step 3: Scroll down and click Add Account

Step 4: Locate and Click Google

new Gmail account JAMB

Step 5: Click Create account, and select For myself

gmail account


open gmail register

Step 6: Enter your correct First name and Last name (surname). Click Next button

Step 7: Enter your Date of Birth and Gender. Click Next button

Step 8: If you have an existing Gmail account, it will be displayed here. From the available option, if any, choose Create your own Gmail address.

You will notice inside a box. Now, type in the perfect name for your Gmail. Eg fatherpradanewmail. Use a good name and avoid bad or sexy email address. Click Next button


Step 9: Enter a very strong password that hackers won’t be able to hack here. Use a Password Generator.  Click Next button

gmail account new

Step 10: Enter phone number please do not skip. If in case you cannot remember your password or Gmail address, you can use your phone number to retrieve. So you can see the importance of submitting your active phone number during Gmail registration.

open gmail

Step 11: Google will send you a code to the number you submitted. If there is an email attached to this number google will tell you to login with those email and also give you the option to continue creating a new account

Step 12: Select Continue creating a new account

Step 13: Google will display the information of your newly created Gmail address and it will contain, your name, Gmail and phone number. Click Next button

Step 14: Google will show you Gmail Policy. Scroll down and Click I agree button

Congratulations…!!! You have just opened a Gmail account.


How to create Gmail Alert Notifications

Now you have a Gmail address, it is time to create a distinct notification different from other notifications on your phone. If you have Whatsapp, Facebook, and the likes, chances are, you may have the same notifications for all these apps. If you don’t change your Gmail default notification, you may not know when important email arrives.

So to change your newly created Gmail address notification to something different, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Goto to Menu on your phone

Step 2: Locate and click Gmail on the list of available apps on your phone

Step 3: Locate and Click Menu (3 horizontal lines upper left  screen)

Step 4: Select Settings on the list of options

Step 5: Select your newly created Gmail address

Step 6: Manage Notifications

Step 7: Select sound

Step 8: Now choose from the list of the available songs you have on your phone

Congratulations. You have a new Sound Notifications.

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