How to easily download any Facebook videos on Android

Have you ever come across a Facebook video that you really like and would love to download? That happens a lot with many Facebook users. You will always come across videos posted by friends or suggested by Facebook and recently, Facebook had created a menu where you can easily see a list of recent videos based on your previous views.
For someone like me, I visit Facebook often for two reasons.

  • To manage my Facebook page
  • To watch funny videos and go through the comment section.

For the record, you can easily screenshot any image on Facebook but it’s not the same with Facebook videos. In fact, once you refresh Facebook, you may likely not find the video on the same spot again because, for every second, there are over 100,000 posts of Facebook.
Interestingly, many Facebook users would love to know how to download Facebook video easily on android but it’s very difficult if not impossible to some. Facebook, like YouTube, does not make provision for users to download videos. Facebook only makes provision for you to bookmark the page where the video is located or save the video on its server.

When next you wish to watch the video, you will have to do that online. In essence, you will have to watch with data subscription. Downloading videos from Facebook is never a problem for me. There is an android app I use often which I’m about to introduce yo tou.

how to download facebook videos on android
With this android app, you can download any Facebook video and save on your phone’s memory card and watch at your own convenience. I’m also aware that there are more android apps which allow you to download videos from Facebook but I will only make mention the one I use often.
The name of the android app is Video Downloader for Fb.
This android app gives you two options.

  • You can obtain the video link and paste on the app for quick download or
  • You can browse Facebook through the app.

If you prefer the second option, you will be prompted a question ‘What would you like to do with this video?’. Of course, you know what to choose. As soon as you choose to download, the video will be downloaded to your device. So when next you see an interesting video, you can easily download it from Facebook and watch later.

how to download facebook videos on android
How to find saved Facebook Videos.
Now you know how to download videos on Facebook, and you want to locate your previously saved Facebook. On a desktop browser, locate and click on explore. From the drop download list, locate Saved.
On the android phone, click on the menu and locate Saved.

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