I have written this article for students who are curious to know the list of oil companies in Nigeria and perhaps considering to study course related to Oil and Gas, graduates looking for jobs in oil companies and business persons in Nigeria will also find this article useful.

This list of Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria will not take shape without explaining the sectors within the Oil business empire. All the Oil and Gas companies listed here fall into different sectors. In Oil Business, we have 3 main sectors. Upstream, Midstream and Downstream.

Upstream Oil companies in Nigeria are those companies that focus mainly on the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. They are called upstream because they are solely involved in the actual drilling and bringing oil and natural gas resources to the surface, referred to as ‘production’. They are the foundation and all want is wells; where to locate them; how deep and how far to drill the wells; and how to design, construct, operate and manage them.

The ‘Midstream’ sector of the Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria are usually involved in the processing, storage and transportation of crude oil and natural gas before they are refined and processed into fuels and products we use every day. Midstream makes use of pipelines and all other infrastructure needed to move oil resources in a long-distance, such as pumping stations, tank trucks, rail tank cars and transcontinental tankers.

Last in this sector is Downstream. This includes everything involved in turning crude oil and natural gas into thousands of finished products we depend on every day. Some of the more obvious products are fuels like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuels, paints, dyes, fibres, heating oils artificial limbs, hearing aids, flame-retardant clothing, asphalt for building a road, rubbers, fertilizers, preservatives, containers, and plastics and many more.

In summary, the downstream sector is involved with Oil and Gas processes that occur after the production phase to the point of sale. It should be noted that some of these Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria undertake all streams of the process and are known as integrated oil companies. They engage in the exploration, production, refinement, and distribution of Oil and Gas, rather than specializing in one segment. Oil and Gas companies like Chevron and Exxon are integrated.

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This is the list of all Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

  • Addax Petroleum Development (Nigeria)
  • Addax Petroleum Exploration (Nigeria)
  • Afren Energy Resources
  • African Petroleum Oilfield Services (Apos)
  • Agip Energy & Natural Resources (Nigeria)
  • Alfred James Petroleum
  • Allied Energy Resources (Nigeria)
  • Amalgamated Oil
  • Amni International Petroleum Development
  • Ana Industries Limited
  • Ariboil Company
  • Atlas Oranto Petroleum Oil
  • Baker Hughes Nigeria
  • Baker Nigeria
  • Baroid Of Nigeria (Sub. Of Halliburton)
  • Bj Services Nigeria
  • Brass Exploration
  • Brawal Shipping (Nigeria)
  • Camac Nigeria
  • Chevron Nigeria
  • Ciscon Nigeria
  • Cledop West Africa
  • Compagnie Generale De Geophysique (Nigeria) (Cgg)
  • Conoco Energy Nigeria
  • Conoco Petroleum Nigeria
  • Conoil Producing
  • Corelab Nigeria
  • Delta Prospectors
  • Department Of Petroleum Resources (Dpr)
  • Dubri Oil
  • Ecodrill (Nigeria)
  • Elf Petroleum Nigeria (Epnl)
  • Emval / Kanuco / Jd Energy Services
  • Ensco Drilling Company Nigeria
  • Equator Exploration Nigeria
  • Esso Exploration & Production (Nigeria) (Eepnl)
  • Eunisell
  • Express Petroleum & Gas
  • Famfa Oil
  • First Fossil Nigeria
  • Forasol Drilling (West Africa)
  • Fugro Survey Nigeria
  • Fugro-Ign
  • Geoservices (Nigeria)
  • Ggi International
  • Global Energy Company
  • Global Offshore Drilling (Gsf)
  • Halliburton Energy Services (Nigeria)
  • Hamilton Technologies
  • Hardy Oil Nigeria
  • Integrated Data Services (Idsl)
  • Intels Nigeria (Intel Services)
  • Interdrill Nigeria
  • Karamay Drilling Company / Cnpc Nigeria
  • Kasolute Nigeria
  • Kca Deutag Nigeria
  • Ladol – Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base
  • Landmark Graphics
  • Lonestar Drilling Nigeria
  • M-I Nigeria
  • Mabon Geophysical Nigeria
  • Massoil Field Services
  • Melvon Nigeria
  • Midlantic International
  • Millenium Oil & Gas Company (Mogcl)
  • Mobil Producing Nigeria
  • Moni Pulo
  • National Petroleum Investment Management Services (Napims)
  • Neptune Maritime Nigeria
  • Nexen Petroleum Nigeria
  • Niger Delta Petroleum Resources
  • Nigerian Agip Exploration (Nae)
  • Nigerian Agip Oil (Naoc)
  • Nigerian Association Of Petroleum Explorationists (Nape)
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (Nnpc)
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (Nnpc)
  • Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (Npdc)
  • Noble Drilling (Nigeria)
  • Noreast Petroleum
  • Oildata Wireline Services
  • Oilscan
  • Oiltest Services
  • Oilworld
  • Optimum Petroleum Dev.
  • Orient Petroleum Resources Limited
  • Oriental Energy Resources
  • Pan Ocean Oil Corp. (Nigeria)
  • Parker Drilling (Nigeria)
  • Petan (Petroleum Technology Association Of Nigeria)
  • Petroleo Brasileiro Nigeria
  • Petroleum Geo Services Nigeria (Pgs)
  • Petrolog
  • Phillips Oil Company (Nigeria)
  • Prodeco (Property Development Company)
  • Quad Mud Logging (Nigeria)
  • Roxar Nigeria
  • Sahara Energy Fields
  • Saipem Contracting Nigeria
  • Sart Nigeria (Reservoir Fluids Laboratory Inc.)
  • Schlumberger Anadrill (Nigeria)
  • Schlumberger Geco Prakla Nig.
  • Schlumberger Geoquest
  • Schlumberger Oilfield Services
  • Schlumberger Westerngeco
  • Schlumberger Wireline & Testing
  • Sedco Forex Of Nigeria (Transocean)
  • Sego Oilfield Services
  • Shell Nigeria Exploration & Production (Snepco)
  • Shell Petroleum Development Company Of Nigeria
  • Snake Island Integrated Free Zone
  • Solgas Petroleum
  • South Atlantic Petroleum (Sapetro)
  • Sowsco Well Services (Nigeria)
  • Star Deep Water Petroleum
  • Statoil Nigeria
  • Summit Oil International
  • Sunlink Petroleum
  • Survicom Services
  • Syntroleum Nigeria
  • Tecon Oil Services
  • Texaco Nigeria Outer Shelf
  • Texaco Overseas (Nigeria) Petroleum (Topcon)
  • Total Upstream Nigeria
  • United Geophysical (Nigeria)
  • Veritas Geophysical (Nigeria)
  • Vrmt International (Nigeria)
  • Weafri Well Services Nigeria
  • Wog Allied Services Nigeria
  • Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum
  • Zenith Nigergroup
  • Zukus Industries

How many oil companies are there in Nigeria? There are 131 Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria and this number encompasses both Upstream, Midstream and Downdtream, foreign and indigenous companies. I only made a run down list of Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria with no extra details like address or contact. You can make use of the internet to get more details.

Exclusion of contact and especially website address was necessary because of the frequent changes. If there is an existing Oil and Gas company in Nigeria that was not listed here please use the comment to inform me about it.

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