Explore Majors in Food and Agriculture which fuses the disciplines of nutrition, sustainability, agricultural science, environmental studies, and public policy. These majors provide you with rigorous training in agriculture, food, and environmental science and policy. We have selected the top majors in this field. You can however explore all available majors here

  1. Agribusiness/agricultural business operations
  2. Agricultural communication/journalism
  3. Agricultural economics
  4. Agricultural engineering
  5. Agricultural mechanization
  6. Agriculture
  7. Food science
  8. Foods, nutrition, and wellness studies major
  9. Food science and technology
  10. Agroecology and sustainable agriculture
  11. Agronomy and crop science
  12. Plant sciences
  13. Animal Science
  14. Fishing and fisheries sciences and management
  15. Range science and management
  16. Aquaculture
  17. Crop Production
  18. Wildlife, fish and wildlands science and management
  19. Forestry
  20. Forest management
  21. Applied horticulture
  22. Soil sciences
  23. Wildlife biology
  24. Animal physiology
  25. Water resources engineering
  26. Urban forestry
  27. Poultry science
  28. Ornamental horticulture
  29. Horticultural science
  30. Horse husbandry/equine science and management
  31. Animal/livestock husbandry and production
  32. Floriculture/floristry operations and management
  33. Dairy science
  34. Culinary science/culinology
  35. Animal physiology
  36. All majors

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