Florida Gulf Coast University majors and acceptance rate

Located in the South region of the United States, Florida Gulf Coast University, with its innovative programs, technology-friendly campus, and outstanding faculty, is one of the most exciting educational environments in America. Florida Gulf Coast University is a public institution in southwest Florida. FGCU hosts Colleges of Business, Education, Arts & Sciences, Health, and Engineering conferring undergraduate degrees. In addition, the university is home to the Vester Marine and Environmental Sciences Research Field Station where students and faculty research wetlands and local ecosystems.



Is Florida Gulf Coast University hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at the Florida Gulf Coast University is 77%. For every 100 applicants, 77 are admitted. This means the school is not selective; not hard to get into. You have a great chance of getting accepted if you meet the Florida Gulf Coast University’s requirements for GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other application components.



Is Florida Gulf Coast University a good school?

The Florida Gulf Coast University is a good school that infuses the strengths of the traditional public university with innovation and a learning-centered spirit, its chief aim being to fulfill the academic, cultural, social, and career expectations of its constituents.



What is Florida Gulf Coast University known for?

The Florida Gulf Coast University is known for holding the second-highest graduate employment rate among all Florida state universities continuously pursues academic excellence, practices and promotes environmental sustainability, embraces diversity, nurtures community partnerships, values public service, encourages civic responsibility, cultivates habits of lifelong learning, and keeps the advancement of knowledge and pursuit of truth as noble ideals at the heart of the university’s purpose



Is the Florida Gulf Coast University a party school?

Yes. Florida Gulf Coast University is a party school.



The followings are popular majors at Florida Gulf Coast University:

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