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Effective teaching techniques simply means the things you do in and outside the classroom, that can help you achieve your classroom learning goal and at the same time promote a positive learning environment.

The effective teaching techniques you are about to read was collated from and the amazing thing about this technique is that whether you are considering teaching as a profession, entering the classroom for the first time as a teacher, or a veteran who has seen enough changes in education to last a lifetime, these 30 teaching techniques are sure to inspire you.

Powerful Effective Teaching Techniques

  • Pause after asking a question. Then pause more. Let them think!


  • Pre-assess, teach, assess, re-teach, assess


  • Let them learn at their own pace. Make sure they master something before moving on


  • Be consistent and flexible


  • Model everything! Then have the kids model it, both the right way and the wrong way. Make rules with your class, and have the kids review them and explain them on an ongoing basis, especially for younger students


  • Stay calm! Never let them know that you don’t have the answer or a plan


  • Photos! Take photos of your students and use them for everything: helpers, birthdays, bulletin board labels, parent gifts. Have students hold a message for their parents, volunteers, or student teachers. You can use them for so many things!


  • Have a great sense of humour. Do this and you can teach anyone.


  • When creating an activity, try to anticipate questions that students will ask. Also, for older students, try to find the ‘loopholes’ that some of them always look for, and close them


  • Use every moment as a teachable moment.


  • All children can learn. Some just take us down a different path to teach them. Listen to your students, love them as your own, and in the end, they will remember who taught them best!


  • A great teaching technique is the use of Intervention groups which really works for struggling students


  • You should always try to build on what students already know. With this teaching technique, students can have a platform to hook their new knowledge. You should make your students comfortable enough to take risks in their learning.


  • Keep everything simple. Do your posters and anchor charts with the kids.


  • Another relevant teaching technique is to try to bring as much real life into the classroom as possible. Connections make a difference!


  • Don’t ask a question when you are really giving a direction.


  • Don’t get so stressed that you forget to make memories with your students. You might be the only positive interaction they have in their lives.


  • Another notable teaching technique is Vocabulary. Teach vocabulary in everything you do in your classroom. Not only will it help your English Language Learners, but it will help all students


  • Start every day fresh and energetic. Students will act on your energy. Be the positive person in every student’s life


  • Have the students work with partners or in teams to practice new concepts with whiteboards


  • Keep the students active. This is a teaching technique that serves multiple purposes. Have them stand up and move around their chairs. Have them do all kinds of stretches and jumping jacks. They need to move! Study after study has cited that physical activity helps promote brain activity


  • Make your room comfortable for you. Decorate your classroom with colours and themes that you like or can live with for 10+ hours a day.


  • Always think about your students. Following curriculum resources won’t benefit your students as much as responding to their needs will. You must trust your gut. Those people writing the curricula are not in a classroom; they do not have children in front of them. You know what your kids need. Do your best, and the rest will figure itself out.


  • Celebrate all success, no matter how big or small. This is a teaching technique that develops confidence in each student


  • Activate learning by engaging as many modalities as possible. Use music, movement, and touch to provide multisensory activities


  • Another teaching technique not commonly use is Survey. When you want to find out whether students know the correct answer, rather than asking one student for the answer, take a survey and have students vote for the answer they feel is correct. This way you get an instant view of where the students stand in their knowledge


  • All children are different. They come to us with different life experiences, stories, ways of learning, and journeys ahead of them. Remember to teach them all differently


  • Another good teaching technique is the use of visuals to teach new vocabulary and do hand gestures for every single new word you introduce to the students. This is a great resource that works very well


  • Listen! teachers are often cut in their own web and sometimes forget to listen and really hear what the students have to say. Progress test results do not explicitly define growth. To really know what a student is learning, let him or her do the talking, and just listen.


  • Make learning fun. Use music, plays, crayons, etc. Forget about the test scores. Fill their heads with the knowledge in a fun, exciting way, and the test will take care of itself.


  • Teach what you love


  • Be the teacher you’d want to have!

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