112 List of Educational Courses in Nigeria Universities

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The ultimate list of educational courses for students in Nigeria

Are you a student of Science, Art or Commercial department in secondary school who is still busy with the thoughts of which educational course you can study in Nigeria? Or perhaps you have left secondary school for a while and now wants to seek admission to study an educational course at the university.

I have compiled 112 lists of educational courses you can study as a student of science department in Nigeria with access to Admission requirements. That is the subjects you need to have in your O level (WAEC, NECO, GCE) result to study these science courses. Use the search box below the list to search for each science course subject combinations.

Besides, your department in secondary school does not determine what you will study in the university. So long you have the right subject combination for the course you wish to study.

This is a long list. I assume you may have had an idea of what you wish to study but yet, I urge you to go through this list carefully – I bet you may change your mind. So Take your time… and make the right choice…

These are the list of educational courses for science students in Nigeria

  • Adult and Community Education
  • Adult and Continuing Education
  • Adult and Non-Fiction Education
  • Adult Education
  • Adult Education / Economics and Statistics
  • Adult Education / English Literature
  • Adult Education / Geography and Regional Planning
  • Adult Education/Political Science and Public Administration
  • Agricultural Production and Management Science and Education
  • Agricultural Science and Education
  • Automobile Technology Education
  • Building and Woodwork Technology Education
  • Building Education
  • Building Technology Education
  • Business Education


  • Computer Education
  • Counsellor Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Early Childhood and Primary Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education / Mechanical Technology
  • Education Accounting
  • Education and Accountancy
  • Education and Arabic
  • Education and Biology
  • Education and Business Administration
  • Education and Chemistry
  • Education and Christian Religious Studies
  • Education and Computer Science
  • Education and Economics
  • Education and Edo Language
  • Education and Efik/Ibibio
  • Education and English Language
  • Education and English Language and Literature
  • Education and French
  • Education and Geography
  • Education and Government
  • Education and Hausa
  • Education and History
  • Education and Igbo
  • Education and Integrated Science
  • Education and Islamic Studies
  • Education and Language Arts
  • Education and Mathematics
  • Education and Music


  • Education and Physics
  • Education and Political Science
  • Education and Science
  • Education and Social Science
  • Education and Social Studies
  • Education and Sociology
  • Education and Yoruba
  • Education Arts
  • Education Fine and Applied Art
  • Education Fine Art
  • Education Technology
  • Education, Igbo and Linguistics
  • Education, Language and French
  • Educational / Psychology Guidance and Counselling
  • Educational Administration
  • Educational Administration and Planning
  • Educational Administration and Supervision
  • Educational Foundations
  • Educational Foundations and Administration
  • Educational Foundations and Management
  • Educational Management
  • Educational Management and Planning
  • Educational Technology/ Introductory Technology
  • Electrical/Electronic Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Environmental Education
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Health and Safety Education
  • Health Education
  • Home Economics and Education
  • Human Kinetics


  • Human Kinetics and Health Education
  • Industrial Education Technology
  • Industrial Technical Education
  • Library and Information Science – Under Education
  • Library and Information Studies
  • Library Science
  • Marketing Education
  • Mathematics / Computer Science Education
  • Mathematics / Statistics Education
  • Mathematics and Education Technology
  • Metal Work Technology Education
  • Nursery and Primary Education
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Physical Education


  • Physical Education and Recreation
  • Pre-Primary and Primary Education
  • Primary Education Studies
  • Science Education
  • Secretarial Administration
  • Secretarial Administration and Education
  • Secretarial Education
  • Special Education
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Science and Health Education
  • Statistics / Computer Science Education
  • Statistics Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Teacher Education Science
  • Technical Education
  • Technology and Vocational Education
  • Transport Planning Management and Education (TPM)
  • Vocational and Technical Education
  • Vocational Education
  • Wood Work / Education


The list of Educational courses is so much, right? I’ll advise you to study an Educational course that fit your future career profile. If you want my recommendations with correct subject combinations, best university to study the recommended Educational course based on your result, Click here  Recommendation fees is N500.

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