There are many high-income jobs with no experience or with informal experience. When I say high-income jobs with no experience, I am actually referring to high-paying jobs you can do whether part-time or full with little or no required expertise… Mind you, having basic experience can put you ahead of those who have no form of expertise.

On this note, I have put together the best high-income jobs that require no experience to start with. Some of these high-income jobs listed here may pay you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis depending on the company payment policy or your agreement with them.

But before I start the listing of these recommended high-income jobs with no experience, below are 7 recommended steps to build a better career with little or no experience.

  • Volunteer Work: This work involves no payment of wages of any kind but the best thing about such work is the experience you will gain which can propel you for a better future.
  • Willingness: All begins with a choice. To achieve anything in life, one must be willing to start from nowhere. So let your willingness drives your passion.
  • Learn: Having a basic understanding of a career will help someone to grow better in that field. So be it formal or informal, education is still recommended so as to impact you with some basic skills
  • Frame an experience: Sometimes, one may not likely depend on learning from others’ experiences. You can frame your own skill out of your experiences.

List of High-Income Jobs with no Experience

  • Sales Consultants: This is as simple as working as a middleman between enterprises. The only skill needed here is marketing skills.
  • Real Estate Agent: This has to do much with abilities rather than experiences. The only necessary requirement here is to have a connection and access to the customers that will patronize.
  • Personal Assistant: Many office workers seek people who can assist them in carrying out minor duties. The necessary skills here include fluent communication, writing ability, smartness, and politeness.
  • Security Guard: Another high-income job with no educational experience is a security guard. The only needed skills are security skills to ensure safety.
  • Driving: A driving job may require little or no educational experience except that which is related to driving.
  • Trade Jobs: This is one of the recommended high-income jobs with no experience. This job exists both online and offline. One doesn’t need much experience to start it.
  • Chef: If you have good cooking skills, then you have gotten the required experience.
  • Bartender or Barista (waitress or Waiter): This is yet another high-income job with no experience. A short period of training is enough to get you started. Required skills include how to run a bar and how to pour drinks which takes less than some weeks to get trained.
  • Customer Service Representative: This is another high-income job with no experience. Just be good at communicating with people, that’s all. The basic skill for this job is a communication skills and how to relate to people.
  • Home Care Aid: Another highly recommended high-income job with no experience is homecare (this could be nannying or babysitting) where you care for elderly/sickly people or children.
  • Publicity Assistant/Public Relations Assistant: Many Public relations firms do prefer to employ people with no experience so they can be the one to mold them to their satisfying standards.
  • Marketing Assistant: This is very similar to the sales consultants stated earlier. A sweet tongue, persuasiveness, engaging ability, and friendliness are what is required in this job.
  • Sales Account Representative: This is one of the recommended high-income jobs with no experience that is very similar to marketing. The same skills as a marketing job are required.
  • Receptionist: Receptionist is one of the recommended high-income jobs with no experience. A week of training within the firm will get you up and going. Communication and interactive skill is highly recommended for this job.
  • Administrative Assistant: An administrative assistant job is very similar to the job of a receptionist. An administrative assistant handles all phone calls, and paperwork, and respond to email just as a receptionist does.
  • Paralegal: Paralegal is similar to the personal assistant job stated above. But in this case, a Paralegal only assists attorneys. The duties of a Paralegal are: preparing case files, doing research, preparing correspondence, and organizing conferences and meetings.
  • Medical Biller: Last but not least on my list of recommended high-income jobs with no experience is a medical biller. A medical biller’s duty is to communicate between an insurance company and a doctor’s office.

Now, you have seen the recommended high-income jobs with no experience that you can apply for. It is now left for you to decide which one is the best for you and then acquire the basic skills needed for the job.

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