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On this post, I’ll list out courses under Mass Communication which is very beneficial for those who do not wish to Mass Communication course itself and for clarity sake, I know for certain that there are two category students reading this and I will try to make sure I answer both categories.

As mentioned earlier, some of you are reading this to know courses under Mass Communication while some want to know Mass Communication course outlines. That is, subjects you will learn in the university under Mass Communication.

Firstly, let me address courses under Mass Communication. These are courses that are related to Mass Communication. Students who study any of the related course below can work with Mass Communication firms. Remember, Mass Communication in itself is a course you can study, albeit a good one with competitive job opportunities.

If you study any of these courses under Mass Communication as listed below, you set yourself apart because unlike Mass Communication which is encompassing, these courses are focused area courses;

  • Communication Studies
  • Communication Technology
  • Telecommunication Management
  • Media and Communication Studies
  • Information and Media Technology
  • History and International Studies
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Linguistics
  • Marketing and Advertising


Mass Communication course outlines

Now, these are the subjects or courses under Mass Communication that you will study or be taught while preparing you to be a Mass Communication graduate. Normally, a course outline should contain; course name, course description, course hours etc…

I will only list out the course names to avoid too much information and there is no guarantee that the listed subjects (courses) here will be fully covered in your school. Nevertheless, you will meet 97% of Mass Communication courses listed here.

The list of courses (subjects) under Mass Communication

  1. Introduction to Mass Communication
  2. History of Mass Media
  3. African Communication System
  4. Introduction to Statistics
  5. Introduction to Psychology
  6. Communication in French
  7. Introduction to Entrepreneurship Studies
  8. African Communication System
  9. Writing for the Mass Media
  10. Word processing
  11. Computer Application
  12. Introduction to Computer
  13. Introduction to Psychology
  14. Introduction to Statistics
  15. Fundamental Philosophy
  16. Logic, Philosophy of Human Existence
  17. Communication in English
  18. Communication in German
  19. Introduction to Publishing Sequence
  20. Introduction to Film Cinema & Literature
  21. Introduction to Advertising
  22. News Writing & Reporting
  23. Editorial Writing
  24. Feature Writing
  25. Constitutional Development
  26. Introduction to Sociology
  27. Fundamental Theology
  28. Introduction to Entrepreneurship Studies
  29. History & Philosophy of Science
  30. Editing & Graphics of Communication
  31. Critical & Review Writing
  32. Advanced and Specialized Reporting
  33. Principals of Public Relations
  34. Advertising Sequence
  35. Theories of Mass Communication
  36. Foundations of Communication Research
  37. Word Processing
  38. Marketing Foundations for Advertising
  39. Fundamentals of Media Relations
  40. Foundations of Broadcasting
  41. Radio/Television Operation
  42. International Communication
  43. Communication and Society
  44. Radio/TV News Writing
  45. Newspaper Management and Production
  46. Magazine Management and Production
  47. Science and Technology Reporting
  48. Photo Journalism & Management
  49. International & Foreign Broadcasting
  50. Film Theory and Aesthetics
  51. Television Programme Writing & Production
  52. Public Affairs Broadcasting
  53. Broadcast Management and Programming
  54. Foreign Correspondence
  55. Rural Community Newspaper
  56. Economics of Mass News Reporting
  57. Screen Directing
  58. Photo Editing
  59. Issues in Nigeria Mass Communication & Media History
  60. New Technique in Book Publishing
  61. Advertising Creative Strategies and Tactics
  62. Book Publishing & The Law
  63. Advertising & PR Research
  64. Mass Media and Law of Ethics
  65. Station Management and Operations
  66. Issues in Broadcasting
  67. Organization and Management of advertising and PR Agencies
  68. Documentary Film Production
  69. Data Analysis in Communication Research
  70. Economic and Social Issues in Advertising and PR.
  71. Media Attachment
  72. Communication & National Development
  73. Bindery & Finishing Operations
  74. International Advertising
  75. Educational Broadcasting
  76. Rural Broadcasting
  77. International Public Relations
  78. Drama & Documentary Production
  79. Original Essay/Project
  80. Film Criticism
  81. Issues in Broadcasting
  82. Special Topics in Advert and Public Relations

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