Courses You Can Study Without Economics

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List of Courses You Can Study Without Economics In Nigeria Universities.

You are here to know the courses you can study without Economics. Perhaps you failed or had a pass in Economics instead of credit. There are core subjects attached to the three departments in secondary school (Science, Art and Commercial). Mathematics and English are core subjects in all these departments. But there are other subjects that are core. For example, Literature in English is the core subjects for Art students. If you fail Literature, you may find it difficult if not possible to see a course you can study.

Though Economics is a subject that cut across all departments in secondary, Economics is a core subject for commercial students. You can’t escape Economics. Many schools may accept D7 or E8 in Mathematics and English for some courses but for Economics, you must have credit… I have gone through the entire 700 undergraduates courses in Nigeria only a few courses do not require Economics. This simply means there are a few courses you can study without Economics.


Please note: We have a general course requirement and special course requirement. The latter means some universities may not accept what other universities accept. This is why I tell my commercial student that if they wish to be on the safe side, they should make sure they pass Economics in their O level examination. Because Economics can easily replace Commerce and stand-in for Accounting.

Art and Commercial student’s frequently asked question is if it were possible to study Political science without Economics. Yes! It is true that you can study Political Science without Economics but there is more to this answer. Please click on the Subject combination for Political science to know more.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are courses in the university that do not require Economics at all and this are mostly science courses and art courses. But if a course requires Economics as a compulsory subject combination, then it is expected that you must have credit… Don’t let anyone deceive you. If you have a question concerning this issue please use the comment. I have replied a lot of question regarding this issue of courses you can study without Economics. Just go through the comment section.

Alert!!! To know what course you can study without Economics, Click here. Make sure you read the instructions before doing anything there. Panda is very sensitive.

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199 thoughts on “Courses You Can Study Without Economics”

  1. commerce f9
    english b3
    maths b2
    account c6
    civic c5
    yoruba d7
    economics e8
    data processing d7
    government c5
    what course is suitable for me pls in a rapid answer
    its very important,reply immediately if possible

  2. pls sir. I want to study nass comn. and these arr my subject combination. English language, literature and government and crs. and its lasu…am confused sir seeing economics.

      • sir i have more than five credits,i mean thats my combination for jamb
        my waec result:
        commerce c5
        account b2
        maths b3
        English b3
        civic edu c6
        biology c5
        office practice A1
        book keeping b3
        ecoomics e8
        so what course can i study with my jamb combination
        plsss sir,its very urgent cause i already register for jamb

  3. have already registered for jamb, is it possible to study business administration with this subjects?
    lit. in English

  4. Pls what can I study with these result
    Math b3
    English c5
    Physics b3
    Chemistry c6
    Biology d7
    Civic edu c6
    Economics d7
    Data processing c6

  5. i didn’t write economic in Waec can i gain admission to study political science in University of nigeria nsukka

  6. Sir. I have
    Commerce. B2
    Financial accounting. A1
    Economics. D7
    Government. D6
    Civic education. C6
    English language. C5
    Mathematics. C5
    Agricultural science. E8
    Computer studies. F9
    I want to do Direct entry into University of Lagos and i want to study either business administration or political science. Please sir can i go for it with this O level result?

  7. Please sir o enrolled for dis year’s waec but I can’t remember if I enrolled computer studies and the school I enrolled wit doesn’t do computer as a subject in waec and am also thinking I enrolled commerce
    Wat if I enrolled computer or commerce and got F9 but pass dis remaining subjects
    Maths,English, crs,government, literature econs ,agric and civic?
    Can I still use d result?

  8. please sir i had economics F9 in my waec and economics C6 in my neco result. i want to enroll into accounting or marketing in university of uyo, should i comine my result because i failed economics in waec

  9. Sir,am applying for lasu,and i had f9 in economics in my waec,but had c6 in my neco.and i also did economics,eng,gov and literature in jamb and scored 203.
    The issue now its dat i want to go for mass com in lasu.and i only want to use my waec result,i dont want to combine them.but i dint make econs in my waec but i made it in jamb,are there chances that i will be admitted.

  10. Pls sir…which course can i study in University with this o’level results
    Marketing A1
    CRS B2
    Government F9
    Literature C6
    Civic A1
    English C5
    Yoruba C4
    Mathematics B3
    Biology D7
    I did not write economics in waec
    And scored 203 in jamb
    English 52
    Literature 55
    CRS 48
    Government 48
    Please sir which course can I study


  12. Pls what can I study in fuoye I had 210 in my jamb but I failed economics and commerce in my waec result..pls what course can I study

  13. pls sir i wrote economics in my jamb bt i dint pass economics in my waec
    here’s my result
    commerce C5
    financial accounting C4
    book keeping B3
    economics E8
    government C6
    civic education D7
    english language B3
    matjematics C4
    biology B3
    and i want to study accounting or finance

  14. These are my waec result eng and maths c5/C4 respectively,gov and eco b2 and B3 respectively,Civic and marketing B3 and A1 respectively,Yoruba C5.I had 259 in jamb applied for Economics in UI am I good to study it.

  15. Please sir I got 8 credit including maths, English,commerce and marketing. But got D7 in economic, please which course can I study with this result.

  16. my friend have f9 in his economics but all of his other results are good and want to study business admin. please which course can he study without economics?

  17. Plz sir can I study accountancy or business admin wit diz results
    Commerce F9
    Financial account B2
    Data processing C5
    Economic D7
    Government B2
    Civic education A1
    English language C6
    Yoruba C5
    General mathematics A1

  18. Econs E8
    Maths B2
    English C5
    Account C4
    Civic B3
    Biology C5
    Government C6
    Commerce C5
    Please which course can my sister study with this result

  19. Good day sir, kindly advice my friend on what course to study, she didn’t make her Economics, but she wanted to apply for Business Administration. Below are the WAEC subjects
    Eng – B2
    Math – A1
    Commerce – B3
    Marketing – B3
    Govt. – C4
    Agric – C4
    Biology – C5
    civic edu – A1
    Econs – D7

    • Analysing her result, she is a commercial student and as such Economics is very important. She cannot study business administration with that result…

      She has 6 valid result: Mathematics, English, Commerce, Biology, Agriculture, Government which is not the right combination for business administration.

      She needs:
      English Language
      Plus any two of Accounting, Business Methods, Commerce, Govt, Geog, and Statistics.

  20. pls sir I want to study accounting but I have these result below can I still gain an admission to university


  21. sir pls what can i study with this result
    maths c4
    english c6
    economis f9
    marketing c6
    commere f9
    civic b3
    computer c4
    agric E8
    account c4

  22. Please which course can I read with this
    English D7
    Mathematics A1
    Biology B2
    Chemistry A1
    Agriculture C6
    Economic B3
    Physics C4
    Marketing A1
    Civic B2

  23. I score
    A1 in math
    C4 in eng
    A1 in govt
    A1 in Civic
    B2 in commerce
    B2 in account
    B2 in biology
    C5 in book keeping but
    E8 in Economics
    Please what course can I study

  24. What course can I study without economic I didn’t write economic in waec
    Office practice
    Civic education
    Financial accounting

  25. Sir I what to study literature education and in my both results I score mathematics f9,literature c6,civics c6,government c6,CRS c6,English c6,marketing c6,economics d7,commerce d7 and I don’t no if any university can Admit With such result sir.

  26. economics d7
    maths b3
    english c6
    commerce b3
    accounting c6
    government b3
    sir please what course can I study with this result

  27. Good day
    Can i study public administration with this result:

    Maths b3
    English c4
    Economics e8
    Commerce d7
    Government b3
    Biology c4
    C.R.K C5
    Literature in English c6

  28. maths b3
    english c5
    accounting b3
    marketing b3
    commerce c6
    economics d7
    civic education c6
    biology c4
    government c5
    jamb combination: maths, english,accounting and commerce score:227
    sir pls. which course can i study

  29. I had
    Mathematics A1
    English B3
    Economics D7
    Government B2
    Commerce B3
    Civic Education A1
    Biology C4
    Financial Accounting B2
    Cateering Craft C5
    Sir this please, can I study financial accounting or business admin???

  30. What courses can I go for with English-C6
    C R S- C6
    Literature in English-C6
    Animal husbandry C5

  31. Sir can I study public administration with these results
    Maths c6
    English c4
    Government c4
    Bookkeeping c4
    Crk c4
    Visual art D7
    Biology D7
    Civic D7
    Literature f9

  32. Sir pls can I study business admin without economics
    Mathematics B3
    English C5
    Biology C6
    Literature D7
    Yoruba B3
    Marketing E8
    IRS E8
    Government A1
    Civic education C5

  33. I don’t know how prompt your response will be but my junior bro didn’t have Economics in his results but want to study Mass Comm or Pol. Science, but according to you these course needs Economics. Which other course can he take without Econs

  34. Please can I study mass communication without economic
    Maths A1
    Marketing A1
    Government C4
    English C5
    Agriculture C4
    Literature C6
    Civic B3
    Igbo B3
    Crs B2
    Please what best course can I study with this subject

  35. please can i study marketing with this result
    commerce C6
    financial accounting C6
    economics D7
    government C5
    english language C6
    yoruba B2
    mathematics B3
    biology C5
    foods and nutrition C5

  36. Sir,Can I study Theater art with these result or which any other course can I apply for ?
    Data Processing – C6
    Christian Religious Studies – B2
    Government – D7
    Literature-In-English – C5
    Civic Education – B3
    English Language – C4
    Yoruba Language – C5
    Mathematics – C5
    Biology – D7

  37. sir what course can i study without economics
    i have
    maths B2
    english A1
    lit in eng B2
    Govt C5
    Computer Studies A1
    Crk B2
    Yoruba C5
    Dyeing and Bleaching (Trade) B2
    Civic A1

  38. Commerce B3, Economics F9, Book Keeping C5, Accounting B3, Yoruba B3, Government C4 , Civic F9, Maths A1, English C6, What Courses Can I Study

  39. Cars:d7
    Literature :e8
    Civic :e8
    English :c5
    Maths :b3
    Biology :c4
    Animal hus:c4

    What course can the owner study sir

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