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So you want to study Biomedical Engineering… This means you’re a Science student but do have what it takes? I mean, it is not enough to know the list of Nigerian Universities that offer Biomedical Engineering. You also need to know the WAEC subject that you need to study Biomedical Engineering as well as the JAMB subjects.

Do you? If no, use the search box below to know the subject combination you need to qualify and study Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria. This the first steps toward studying Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria universities. You will need other documents too for pre-screening and Matriculation screening.

Your JAMB score, Post UTME score and WAEC Grade will be calculated and the aggregate score is what determine if you qualify to study Biomedical Engineering. Moreover, those who got their O level result in one sitting have a better chance of getting admission to study Biomedical Engineering than those using two sittings.

Do you know that Biomedical Engineering is one of the most popular courses in Nigeria and very competitive in university? Competitiveness means many students want to gain admission to study this course.

Once a course is competitive, it simply means certain measures are put in place to make sure they limit the number of students they can admit. Such limitation includes high jamb cut off mark, a limited number of admissible students, strict subject combinations etc.

But what is so special about this course… Let me give you a little info about Biomedical Engineering before you go through the list of universities that offers Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria. Bio-medical engineers and technologists can find job openings in a wide range of global industries which may include modern health care, hospitals, medical equipment manufacturing units, industrial firms, educational and medical institutions, pharmaceuticals, government regulatory agencies and so on. In hospitals, they have to work closely with other healthcare professionals like physicians, nurses, therapists and technicians.

They develop customised devices and provide advice for selecting, handling and maintaining medical equipment. In industries, Biomedical Engineers use their understanding of living systems and technology to design and test new products. Government positions often involve product testing as well as establishing safety standards for devices.

Below is a comprehensive list of higher institutions in Nigeria that offers Biomedical Engineering. If there is a university not listed, please indicate by leaving a comment.

Courses related to Biomedical Engineering

Use the search box below to get information about these courses

  • Biomedical Technology
  • Biomedical Informatics
  • Microbiology
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Medical Biochemistry


Here is the list of universities that offer Biomedical Engineering in Nigeria:

  • Bells University of Technology
  • University of Ilorin

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