A Concise Nigeria University Guide

  • After secondary school, you sure want to further by studying a course at the university. Below link will guide you on how to gain admission into any Nigeria University whether private, state or federal. ** How to gain admission in Nigeria


  • You make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions, each day. These decisions range from what to eat for breakfast to what to wear today. Choosing a course and university is a big step, so it’s important to find out as much as you can before you make your decision. ** How to Choose the right course and University to Study



  • Before you become a bona fide student in a university, you must have the required documents for screening. Admission process may differ but it is geared towards making sure you’re eligible for the course of study. All tertiary institutions have this screening in place to ensure they are admitting the right student. Follow the link below for details. ** Required screening document for admission


  • As a freshman, you will hear some terms within the school premises; terms you will later use in your everyday conversation. I have deemed it fit you list out these university terms and definition so you won’t be so naive to the extent of been deceived because you’re a freshman/newly matriculated student. ** Nigeria University Glossary Terms Definition


  • You cannot graduate without passing all courses. No promoted on trial. If you fail a course you have to carry over (rewrite next session) or get it waived. If worst comes to worst, some department will ask you to withdraw. So whether it’s your fault or lecturer’s fault – the most important thing is you must resit for the examination. ** How to avoid Carryover course



  • You know, students can be funny. The urge to succeed may lead to ungodly and unacceptable behaviours. Therefore, rules have been set aside to curb such behaviour. Here are some misconducts with corresponding punishment/penalties. ** Punishment for examination malpractice in Nigeria


  • There comes a time when your result will be missing or you got an unexpected grade. You neither give up or pursue hard for correction. To write a letter Requesting for a missing result/script or remark is a bold step not for the faint-hearted. You may end up with many enemies. ** How to write a letter requesting for missing result or script remark


  • Students like you may have the notion that scholarship is meant for the poor and needy, well, that’s just a part of the whole scope. Scholarships are monetary gifts given to you for continuous education. This gift may or may not have some strings attached… ** How to get Education Scholarship


  • Online study has numerous advantage especially to a student of developing countries who finds admission conditions disheartening or those who wish to study abroad without leaving their current location. Example: Distance and Location is no longer a barrier – You study from your bedroom. **Online Study


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