What is Public Administration all about?

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What is Public Administration all about?
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What Public Administration course is all about, the objectives, course outlines and career opportunities…

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It is not enough to know the required subject combination in O level or A level – Admission requirement to study Public Administration – That’s the mistake most students make… You ought to know what Public Administration course is all about and this is the main purpose of this page.

This degree gives you the gateway to the world’s largest employer – the public sector. A public administration degree prepares students to manage public agencies, set budgets, and create government policies. These policies can be on diverse topics ranging from the environment to social issues. The degree focus on how these decisions are made and the processes for making the best decision for society. In addition, a public administration background will explain the most favourable way to implement policies and decisions once they have been made.

Public administration attempts to explain how decisions in government are made as well as administrating projects to carry out those decisions. A public administration degree prepares students for a career in government or non-profit work. Studying public administration can be an extremely rewarding experience for anyone looking to give back to their community by solving difficult problems.

The goals of public administration are to improve the equality, justice, security, efficiency, and effectiveness of public services, usually in a non-profit, non-taxable venue. A diverse background is required for the degree, with classes in public policy, management, sociology, and political theory. A public administrator manages public agencies, sets budgets, and creates government policies.

Objectives of Public Administration Degree

  1. Work well with others and with a demonstrated appreciation of individual differences and a sensitivity to diversity.
    • Develop and demonstrate team building skills.
    • Manage a team to analyse a problem and achieve a goal.
  1. To clearly communicate thoughts and ideas both verbally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate the ability to present and evaluate ideas clearly in written form.
  • Demonstrate the ability to present and evaluate ideas clearly in oral presentations.
  1. Analyse, integrate and communicate complex information to facilitate management decision making.
  • Collect, organize, and use data to meet organization needs.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate problem solving, quantitative and qualitative.
  • Apply theory and practice in solving organizational problems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to transition from planning to implementation.
  • Demonstrate a mastery of concepts and methods of use in the workplace.


Public Administration Course Outline:
Below are the courses you will or may study under Public administration depending on the university

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Principles of Economics I
  • Business Mathematics I
  • General Studies Courses
  • Communication in English I
  • Communication in French
  • Use of Library, Study Skills & ICT
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship Studies II
  • Introduction to Public Administration
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Computer Application
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Principles of Economics II
  • Business Mathematics II
  • Fundamental Philosophy
  • Logic, Philosophy & Human Existence
  • Communication in English II
  • Communication in German
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting I
  • Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Introduction to Statistics I
  • Fundamental Theology
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship Studies II
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Government and Politics
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting II
  • Introduction to Business
  • Business Communication
  • Social Psychology
  • Introduction to Statistics II
  • Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  • Fundamental Ethics
  • Principles, Theories and Practice of Public Administration
  • Traditional Administrative Systems
  • Development Administration
  • Local Government Administration
  • Administrative Law
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Elements of Management
  • Commercial Law
  • Personnel Administration
  • Elements of Government
  • Traditional Administrative System
  • Inter-Governmental Relations
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Urban Administration
  • Research Methods
  • Project Management & Implementation
  • Public Financial Management
  • Public Enterprises Management
  • Public Policy Analysis and Decision Making
  • International Organizations and Institutions
  • Organization and Administrative Theory
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • International Administration
  • Government Budgeting and Budgeting Techniques
  • Comparative Public Administration
  • Social and Welfare Administration
  • Democratic Studies

Reasons Why You Should Consider Public Administration

  • The choice to work in a private or public sector
  • Develop your leadership qualities
  • The chance to hold important government positions
  • The chance to hold a position in the news and entertainment field
  • Decent starting salary


Where can I work with a Degree in Public Administration 
Public Administration prepares graduates for careers in government and non-profit organizations, as well as in regulated businesses and as private government contractors. Potential roles include policy analyst, event manager, human resources consultant, ministerial advisor, project officer and social policy researcher. Graduates may enter such fields as policy analysis and advice, public administration, research, corporate communications, foreign affairs, intelligence, journalism, management, the parliamentary sector, and social analysis


Online Public Administration degree

Do you know you can study Public Administration online There are many universities especially in the United States and the United Kingdom offering this course online. It is of great benefit to those who wish to study and at the same time working. Or those who wish to travel abroad to study but are constrained. Distance learning is great – go for it – Fatherprada say so!


Admission requirements to study Public Administration in Nigeria Universities


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