63 List of Courses Offered in Lagos State University (LASU)

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The page contains list of courses offered Lagos State University (LASU) and Admission Requirements for 2020/2021 sessions


Lagos State University – also known as LASU – was established in 1983 by the enabling Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, for the advancement of learning and establishment of academic excellence. The university caters for a population of over 35,000 students enrolled for full-time.

To gain admission in Lasu, you have the choice to choose your mode of entry. Lagos State University (Lasu) offers admission through a range of programmes from the full-time certificate, predegree, diploma and degree programmes to part-time evening and weekend degree programmes. The University offers postgraduate studies up to a doctoral level including an MBA programme.

Lagos State University Lasu has two four Campus. Ojo campus located along Lagos Badagry express road is the main campus and Epe campus located at Ikorodu.

For the record, Epe Campus is the biggest in terms of landmass and home to three departments in LASU’s Faculty of Engineering namely Mechanical Engineering, Electronic and Computer Engineering and Chemical and Polymer Engineering, and the school just recently admitted students for Aerospace Engineering in 2018 JAMB, following the accreditation of the course in LASU.

Choosing a course in Lagos State University (LASU)

Choosing a course to study at the Lagos State University (LASU) is the first step towards your success as a student as well as being a graduate. There are so many courses listed here with different subject combinations, learning approach and career prospects. Learn more about choosing the right course. If you can’t find the course you’re looking for on these list of accredited courses offered in LASU, you can take a look at universities below because they are nearest the schools.

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These list of courses offered by LASUĀ had been published in good faith. Of course, this may not be all the courses. But be rest assured that all the courses listed here had been accredited by Nigeria University Commission. Any course not accredited by NUC is not listed here and sensible students are forbidden to such courses.

Unfortunately, many students find themselves studying those course and at the end, won’t graduate or complain of missing results. If you think these list of courses offered by the Lagos State University (LASU) is incomplete or inaccurate, do let us know by using the comments below. We will consider your comment for further research and update if necessary.


About Lagos State University (LASU) school fees:

Many students inquire about Lagos State University (LASU) schools fees and hostel fees from Fatherprada. I understand this information is necessary in other to avoid a university whose fees is beyond your financial strength. But the truth is, Fatherprada tries to avoid posting such information on his blog. There are so many websites on the internet claiming to have this information but you must be careful because that Lagos State University (LASU) school fees and hostel fees are neither true or volatile.

Each course in the Lagos State University (LASU) have different school fees and in fact, school fees vary from one level to another. Lagos State University (LASU) school fees changes and most often, students only get to know about these changes when it is time to pay the fees.

I will advise you not to settle for Lagos State University (LASU) school fees you see on the internet except if it is available on LASU main website or better still ask someone who is schooling there for up-to-date information on Lagos State University (LASU) school fees and hostel fees for freshers as well as returning students.


What is Fatherprada’s relationship to the Lagos State University (LASU)?

In short, Fatherprada and Lagos State University (LASU) are not related. Fatherprada makes research and shares information amongst students who find interest to study at the Lagos State University (LASU). Fatherprada’s blog allows you to get answers to questions relating to Lagos State University (LASU) accredited courses as well as the correct subject combinations for courses. Fatherprada had created this page with the hope that aspiring students will go through the list of Lagos State University (LASU) accredited courses for freshers and make a definite decision.


These are the list of Lagos State University (LASU) courses.

  1. Accounting/Accountancy
  2. Arabic Studies
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Biochemistry
  5. Botany
  6. Business Education
  7. Chemical and Polymer Engineering
  8. Chemistry
  9. Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies
  10. Civil Law
  11. Computer Science
  12. Curriculum Studies
  13. Dentistry and Dental Surgery
  14. Drama/Dramatic/Performing Art
  15. Economics
  16. Education and Accountancy
  17. Education and Arabic
  18. Education and Biology
  19. Education and Chemistry
  20. Education and Christian Religious Studies
  21. Education and Computer Science
  22. Education and Economics
  23. Education and English Language
  24. Education and French
  25. Education and Geography
  26. Education and History
  27. Education and Islamic Studies
  28. Education and Mathematics
  29. Education and Physics
  30. Education and Political Science
  31. Education and Yoruba
  32. Education, Language and French
  33. Educational Foundations
  34. Electronics and Computer Engineering
  35. Fisheries – Under Agriculture
  36. Geography and Planning
  37. German Combined with French and Russia
  38. Health Education
  39. History and International Studies
  40. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
  41. Insurance
  42. Islamic Studies
  43. Marketing
  44. Mass Communication
  45. Mathematics
  46. Mechanical Engineering
  47. Medicine and Surgery
  48. Microbiology
  49. Music
  50. Nursing/Nursing Science
  51. Physical and Health Education
  52. Physics
  53. Physiology
  54. Political Science
  55. Portuguese / English
  56. Psychology
  57. Public Administration
  58. Sociology
  59. Technological Management
  60. Technology and Vocational Education
  61. Transport Management Technology
  62. Yoruba and Communication Arts
  63. Zoology

Use the search box at the homepage you search for their subject requirement.

What are the documents required for admission screening in the Lagos State University (LASU)?

You may have chosen the best course from the list of accredited courses available in the Lagos State University (LASU) and pass JAMB including Post JAMB with flying colours but one thing is certain, “screening”. Before you can become a student of the Lagos State University (LASU), you must pass through admission screening where you will be required to present certain documents for validation and records. Without screening, you will not be given a matriculation number. And without a matriculation number, you are not a student of Lagos State University (LASU).

These are the primary documents Lagos State University (LASU) requires for admission screening. There may be more, but this one listed here are compulsory

  • O level or A level certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • School Leaving Testimonial
  • Local Government Certificate
  • Admission letter
  • Acceptance receipt
  • Personal data form
  • More details here


Does LASU accept two sittings?

Except for Medicine and Dentistry that require ONLY ONE [1] sitting… Yes. LASU accept Candidates with two sittings. The candidate must have Five (5) O’ level credits in subjects relevant to their desired course of study. Credit in English Language is compulsory for admission into all courses in Lagos State University.

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  1. As a commercial student, I need to study mass communication but I didn’t offer any art subject, so can I still go for this course

  2. bro, i have 4credits including maths and English, Govt and literature. with D7 passes in Economics and some other subjects…can i do mass communication in LASU.

  3. i want to study transportation planning and management at LASU but am an Art student with this result 5credit including math and english but D7 in agric and lit-english in sitting GCE.sir what can i do

  4. Does lasu offer history and international relation studies and I don’t have literature in my waec but I did it in jamb and scored 210

  5. please i want to study mass communication in lasu but i don’t have maths can i still study it sir and what are the subjects that are really required.

  6. Is it possible to gain admission with an aggregate score of 68.5 with two sittings or 65.5 with one sitting for law in LASU?

  7. My scores are
    Food nd nutrition:c4
    Book keeping:c6
    And my jamb score is 194
    Wat course can I study in Lasu wit this scores?

  8. Sir I need ur assistance abt my result i did nt no wat to Read with my result can u kindly let me no or shld I send the details of my waec result
    I dnt no wat lasu would offer me wit my result.

  9. Sir I need ur assistance abt my result i did nt no wat to Read with my result can u kindly let me no or shld I send the details of my waec result
    I dnt no wat lasu would offer me wit my result.
    Economics E8
    Government C6
    Literature D7
    Civic C6
    English C6
    Mathematics C6
    Please sir I’ll kindly see to your feedback

  10. I am an NCE holder who aspires to study in Lasu with 59% in English/Social Studies but wishes to study English Education in Lasu..My question goes this…Will Lasu accept into d above stated dept with my 59% result with a good Waec result? ASAP

  11. Sir, I have an issue, I don’t know which course I can study with these result.
    My preferred school is Lasu.
    Maths B2
    English C5
    Economics B3
    Yoruba B2
    Literature F9
    Governments E8
    Biology C5

  12. Good evening sir, please i want to know, I want to enter lasu via direct entry with my nce, I just passed out this year, I was thinking of writing jamb and also buying direct entry form, cos I don’t really know the GP for direct entry from college of education to University and also what level

  13. Pls sir, am an art student I have d7 in literature, economic B3,government B2, slamic A1,civic c4,Eng c6,math c6,yor b3,biology c4 which course can I study in lash pls sir

  14. Sir I need your help, am an art student I have d7 in my literature, economic B3,Government B2,mathC6,English C6,YorB3,CivicC5,IrsA1,bioC4 what course can I study in lash pls

  15. Sir,can I do direct entry from mass communication to law in lasu with upper credit in mass communication ond result?

  16. Hello sir. Am a science student m I have B3 in civic education, biology C6; chemistry C5, physics A1, English B3, mathematics C5. Can I study nursing in lasu

  17. Please sir on my primary school certificate my name on is Rahim olabisi, on my waec name is written as raheem bisi, so have sweared on affidavit that I want to be called raheem Monsurat olabisi my full name I use this in jamb and the second waec I did can I progress with the admission in lasu to study nursing

  18. Good day sir. Please sir, does Lasu accept two sitting o’level results with an upper credit from a polytechnic. I want to go for direct entry to study mass communication.

  19. Hi, Good day. What the last commenter meant was if a BSc graduate (medical/science inclined) will be qualified for direct entry into LASU nursing department.

  20. Hello Sir
    Can I use English, Government, literature and crs to study political science in lasu..and pls sir how can get someone who is in lasu to know the actual fee

  21. Pls sir I want to study medicine and surgery at Lasu but I don’t have physics. I have
    English B3
    Mathematics B2
    Biology C4
    Chemistry C6
    Physics E8
    Can I still use it or can i combine result cause I saw on lasucoms website that u need 5 credits at not more than 2 sittings. Pls sir I need help

    • Bro, we’re today and I hope to see you there soon, I would like to be your friend, please kindly buzz me up on WhatsApp with 07018969360

  22. Hello sir, I really appreciate you for this platform to help we the younger ones, please I want to know with jamb cut off mark of 177, can study Drama, Dramatic and performing art at LASU?

  23. Sir I have Mathematics B3. English C5. Biology C6. Data processing C4. Economics C6. Physics D7. Chemistry E8. Sir can I study education and mathematics or what other course can I study with this result sir

  24. I want to study sociology in lasu and I had 199..but I have an issue with the O’level because I saw that you need yoruba to study it despite it not being in the utme requirement am confused I need help…

  25. Pls sir can I study biochemistry in lasu
    With this result
    Physics. C6
    Chemistry. C4
    English. C6
    Mathematics C6
    Civic. B3
    Geography. C6
    Catering craft. C6
    Agric. B3
    Biology. C6

  26. sir, i got 196 in jamb which is equals to 24.5
    then for WASSCE
    MATHS- B3
    BIO- B3
    EVERYTHING gives me an aggregate of 62.5,
    can I be admitted to study medicine and surgery

  27. Good day Sir! Am a HND Holder in Medical Lab Science and I want study Nursing at Lasu through Direct Entry! Please how do I go about it. Thanks as I hope to hear from you soon. Festus by name?

  28. Hello sir please I need your help , this is my 3rd o level still .
    Maths b3
    Fmath b3
    Physics c6
    Biology c5
    Chemistry d7 .
    English b3
    Will lasu admit me for computer science with two sitting .

  29. Good day sir, thanks for the urgent replies to all comments. i want to ask a question,why do lasu favors lagos indigenes mostly?. i’m from ogun state and my aggregate is 70.5, and i want to study business administration. how sure is it for me to again admission to lasu without bribing third parties to secure the course. i will be looking forward to your quick replies. thanks.

  30. Pls sir I scored 70.5 in aggregate, and I want to study business administration, how many percent sure is it for me to be admitted. Thanks sir

  31. Yes sir
    After I calculate my grape point, the aggregate is 68.12%
    Can I gain admission to study accounting with it


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