17 Top Best Engineering Courses in Nigeria Universities

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Top Best Engineering Courses in Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges and also outside Nigeria

Being a science student, you have the option to choose from over 500 science courses with include Technological Courses, Engineering Courses, Environmental Courses, Health Courses, Agricultural Courses and Pure Science Courses.
Today I will show you the best Engineering courses you can study at the university, college or polytechnic in this present dispensation. I am not of the notion that some Engineering courses are irrelevant, but rather, that you should have a good reason to study Engineering courses outside this list.
These Engineering courses were picked after much scrutiny and most suitable for Nigerian student. If you’re a student from another country this list may not be comprehensive enough for you. Why do I say this There may be some Engineering courses suitable for industries existing in your country but not in Nigeria and to avoid wasting years studying such a course with no iota of job availability, I Fatherprada, personally omitted such course.
These Best Engineering courses were selected based on job availability within and outside Nigeria, flexibility and Entrepreneurship adaptability.
Below are Fatherprada’s best Engineering courses for science student – If you so wish to know Nigeria universities, college or polytechnics requirement for the courses, use the search box at the Homepage
If you disagree with me on this list, don’t keep grudges, use the comment

  • Aeronautical Engineering


  • Software Engineering


  • Information and Communication Technology Engineering


  • Irrigation Engineering


  • Architecture


  • Industrial Production Engineering


  • Food Technology


  • Automobile Engineering


  • Electrical / Electronic Engineering


  • Study Electronics and Computer Engineering


  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering


  • Civil Engineering


  • Biomedical Engineering


  • Chemical Engineering


  • Agricultural Engineering


  • Glass Design


  • Shipping and Maritime Engineering

That’s the list… Have a good reason to study engineering courses outside this list.

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