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15 Courses offered in Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda

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15 list of accredited courses offered in Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda and their requirements. Including the required documents for admission


Choosing a course to study at Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda is the first step towards your success as a student as well as being a graduate. There are so many courses listed here with different subject combinations, learning approach and career prospects. Learn more about choosing the right course. If you can’t find the course you’re looking for on these list of accredited courses offered in Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda, you can take a look at polytechnics below since they are the nearest Polytechnics to Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda.

  • List of courses in Abdul-Gusau Polytechnic
  • List of courses in Kaduna Polytechnic,
  • List of courses in Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic
  • List of courses in Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic


List of courses offered in Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda

These list of ND and HND courses offered by Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda had been published in good faith. Of course, this may not be all the courses. But be rest assured that all the courses listed here had been accredited by Nigeria University Commission. Any course not accredited by NUC is not listed here and sensible students are forbidden to such courses.

Unfortunately, many students find themselves studying those course and at the end, won’t graduate or complain of missing results. If you think these list of courses offered by Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda is incomplete or inaccurate, do let us know by using the comments below. We will consider your comment for further research and update if necessary.


About Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda school fees:

Many students inquire about Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda schools fees and hostel fees from Fatherprada. I understand this information is necessary in other to avoid a university whose fees is beyond your financial strength. But the truth is, Fatherprada tries to avoid posting such information on his blog. There are so many websites on the internet claiming to have this information but you must be careful because those Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda school fees and hostel fees are neither true or volatile.

Each ND and HND course in Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda have different school fees and in fact, school fees may vary from one level to another. Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda school fees changes and most often, students only get to know about these changes when it is time to pay the fees.

I will advise you not to settle for the Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda school fees you see on the internet except if it is available on Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda main website or better still ask someone who is schooling there for up-to-date information on Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda school fees and hostel fees for freshers as well as returning students.


What is Fatherprada’s relationship to Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda?

In short, Fatherprada and Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda are not related. Fatherprada makes research and shares information amongst students who find interest to study at the Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda. Fatherprada’s blog allows you to get answers to questions relating to Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda accredited courses as well as the correct subject combinations for courses. Fatherprada had created this page with the hope that aspiring students will go through the list of Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda accredited courses for freshers and make a definite decision.


I’m confused I need help.

Of course, Fatherprada is a counsellor and the aim of this blog is to counsel students. Fatherprada’s wish above all things is that, through his post, you will be able to make a good decision on what to study without reaching out to Him. But if you still feel there is a need for directions on what to study, you can reach out to Fatherprada for assistance.

These are the list of Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda accredited courses.

Click on your preferred course to know the requirements!!!

  1. Accountancy
  2. Architectural Technology
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Building Technology
  5. Business Administration and Management
  6. Civil Engineering Technology
  7. Computer Science
  8. Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology
  9. Food Technology
  10. Mechanical Engineering Technology
  11. Public Administration
  12. Quantity Surveying
  13. Science Laboratory Technology
  14. Technology and Management
  15. Statistics


What are the documents required for admission screening in Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda?

You may have chosen the best course from the list of accredited courses available in Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda and passed JAMB with flying colours but one thing is certain, “screening”. Before you can become a student of Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda, you must pass through admission screening where you will be required to present certain documents for validation and records. Without screening, you will not be given a matriculation number. And without a matriculation number, you are not a student of Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda.

These are the primary documents Federal Polytechnic Kaura/Namoda requires for admission screening. There may be more, but this one listed here are compulsory

  • O level or A level certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • School Leaving Testimonial
  • Local Government Certificate
  • Admission letter
  • Acceptance receipt
  • Personal data form
  • More details here
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